Youth's Leadership, a non-profit corporation, supports youth organizations and programs that build character, teach service, and purpose community awareness as well as social and environmental responsibility in children.

Youth's Leadership

Who We Are

Youth’s Leadership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in Enumclaw, Washington, that functions on behalf of youth organizations that engage children in the Enumclaw community and school district in programs that build character, and teach service, community awareness, and social and environmental responsibility.

Our Conviction

Youth’s Leadership believes that inspiring the development of leadership skills and imparting the traits of good leaders in young people is what forges them into future leaders of our society. There are many clubs and youth organizations in the Enumclaw community with excellent leadership programs for its young people. Unfortunately, the opportunity is not always equal for all young persons and families who may be faced with financial hardship.

The Problem

Consider these varied costs...

  • National registration fees and local membership dues
  • Age/grade appropriate program expenses
  • Materials and supplies costs
  • Requisite attire (such as uniforms and insignia in organizations that use and depend upon them)
  • Occasional travel (and associated costs of food, educational and outdoor experiences, and lodging)
  • Project and activity fees
...which just begin to describe the long list of financial deterrents struggling families with young children may face when looking for fun, challenging, exciting, and success-proven leadership programs in which to enroll their children in the community.

All these wonderful programs are intended for all children to participate, without economic bias or discrimination; therefore, the question becomes how to support these programs so that cost is not a barrier to participation for any child or family.

The Solution

Youth’s Leadership steps in to help close the gap for families needing assistance to get their children started and keep them involved in these programs. Youth’s Leadership works directly with community youth organizations, and their local and regional and national leadership volunteers and representatives.

Your support of Youth’s Leadership goes directly into the effort of involving and retaining youth members in a variety of youth organization programs by offsetting costs that represent a burden to families faced with economic hardship. Donations may be made by anyone at any time, are tax deductible, and received with deepest gratitude by Youth’s Leadership on behalf of the families with children who benefit.

By using the Donate button, you will be taken to a secure processing site1 where we can accept your donation electronically by a variety of methods. You may resume your visit to the Youth’s Leadership web site at the conclusion of the process.

1Youth’s Leadership uses PayPal™ for the secure electronic processing of donations made online. Please report any problems directly to PayPal™ by calling toll-free 1-888-221-1161.

Paper checks or money orders made payable to Youth’s Leadership may be mailed to the following address:

Youth's Leadership
P.O. Box 544
Enumclaw, WA 98022

Are you curious about support for your child’s program? Ask your program advisor, counselor, leader or other representative or contact Youth’s Leadership directly.

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