Youth's Leadership, a non-profit corporation, supports youth organizations and programs that build character, teach service, and purpose community awareness as well as social and environmental responsibility in children.

We Believe

There is no disputing the generational import of leadership — social, environmental, economic. Every generation has sought to teach the new to understand the important issues, to embrace and uphold and defend the principles of a safe and nurturing society, and to protect and conserve our resources and natural wonders of the world, wherever people live.

We believe in the Character of individuals. We believe that good character does not arise out of a loose collection of people brought together to form a group; rather, groups of individuals come together to do good precisely because they are individuals of good character — before they ever form a group. We believe good character is taught and learned by those willing.

Everything that is good — in word, thought, and deed — comes down to choices. Every book, every movie, every story told, every event witnessed, every news item broadcast, every video and picture posted to the Internet tells a story — about choice. Whether fact or fiction, they are all testaments to our humanity and reveal the nature of individuals that make up our society, including the teller and what is portrayed.

Every parent, every school teacher, every religious leader, strives to teach the children in their care to make good choices. Learning to make these choices, and take a stand when necessary in defense of them, is what leadership in our society is all about. After all, leadership is example.

We believe in the Service of individuals. We believe that a public service project is not the product of a group effort; rather, it is the result of individuals, each with a talent and a task all their own. We believe that service — even in the little things every day, such as the courtesy of holding open a door — is at least equal in importance to the big things that attract most attention.

We believe Community is made from individuals. As diverse as we are racially, ethnically, economically, religiously, politically — it is not our differences but our similarities that define us as a community. What we value most and fight to protect as one is what draws us together as community, because it has meaning and importance for all of us. Certainly our children, the inheritors of this world and society who will be its future custodians, are rightfully at the center of our community.

We believe we have a responsibility to each generation to do whatever we can to teach and support the learning and understanding of leadership in the children of our community.

Leadership Means Risking Failure and Celebrating Achievement

Our children are being raised in environments that increasingly discourage expression of unique or exceptional talent. Risk avoidance has become a standing national priority. The philosophy that our children need to be insulated against any comparison, let alone competition, that can be construed as criticism does them an immense disservice in preparing them for the realities of adulthood. The idea that children must be given equal praise for unequal effort, equal recognition for unequal involvement, is poisonous to their attitudes. Our youth are intelligent enough to see for themselves the injustice imposed, and undermines the determination to excel in anything.

Society and media have sensationalized and sensitized “failure” to such a degree that it has fomented an unprecedented level of fear of trying to do anything that might risk drawing attention, lest it be posted on the Internet for the entire world to mock and derisively celebrate the “epic fail” with a perverse glee. It increasingly takes more courage for an individual, especially a young person, to take a stand and put forward their very best effort. They have learned that mediocrity makes everything permissible or at least excusable: If failure should happen, it means nothing because they weren’t really trying in the first place.

We believe anything worth doing is ONLY worth doing well. We believe imparting this to the children of Enumclaw is the key to the future of our community. We believe in recognizing success and exceptionalism and celebrating individual achievement.

Share the Values

For everyone who shares the beliefs and values of Youth's Leadership, and those of the youth organizations and volunteers who conduct these youth leadership programs, and the parents and families who want their children to participate, there is the opportunity today to donate to this wonderful cause for the benefit of the children of our community. You can even shop merchants online to support Youth's Leadership.

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